Jessica Biel and Victoria Hill in the Running for Wonder Woman

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of speculation, rumors and otherwise sketchy information coming out around the upcoming Justice League film that Warner Brothers is putting together. But we did finally get some confirmation that Happy Feet director George Miller was going to be heading up the project and that Christian Bale and Brandon Routh would most likely not be involved. And now that those two issues are settled, it is time to let the real casting speculation begin.

First we talked Superman, which could (but probably won’t) be “Smallville” star Tom Welling. Ryan Reynolds has expressed interest in playing the Flash. But enough about the guys, it is time to get some serious rumor-age going around about the ladies in the film. Peter at /Film reported on Sunday that Aussie actress Victoria Hill was in talks to play Wonder Woman, while Variety reported just yesterday that Jessica Biel is in talks for the role. So who is it, really? At this point there is no word from the studio, so we might as well just make the question: who should it be?

In order to be as scientific as possible in answering said question, I scoured the internet for pictures of the two fine ladies so that we can make a clear comparison. Hours later, I am ready to share.

And now, we throw in a look at Wonder Woman herself.

Ok, now that we have spent a fair amount of time on some visual stimulation, lets take a look at who would be the best actress for the job. Personally, my preference would run toward Hill, who seems to have that Wonder Woman look more than Biel. I tell ya, it is the eyes. Also, for the sake of being budget conscious with a big ensemble flick, the folks at WB could probably score Hill at a much better price. That at least, was the thought process behind Welling over Routh as Superman.

Time will tell, but either way I think we’ve got two solid candidates. Now if only they can get that costume right. What do you think?

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