Jesse Eisenberg and Noah Baumbach May Be Having a ‘Squid and the Whale’ Reunion

The last time I reported on Noah Baumbach’s next project, While We’re Young, it was with the unfortunate news that James Franco and Cate Blanchett had been forced to drop out of the film. At the time I held out hopes that Baumbach might be able to easily replace the actors with Jesse Eisenberg and Greta Gerwig, and it’s looking like at least half of my hopes and dreams are probably going to come true. While We’re Young is about a couple in their forties who are feeling alienated by their normal set of friends because they haven’t had any children, so they befriend a younger couple who kind of teaches them to rekindle their youth. Now that I know more about the plot of the film, having Gerwig replace Blanchett’s character wouldn’t make much sense age wise, but they seem to have found a different, equally awesome choice to fill her role that does work.

Ben Stiller has long been in place as the male of the older couple, but since Cate Blanchett dropped out of the project, it hasn’t been clear who would play his female cohort. Now 24 Frames is claiming that they have a source close to the project saying not only is Naomi Watts, an actress who is in her early forties, being looked at very closely to join the film, but also Baumbach’s star from The Squid and the Whale, Jesse Eisenberg, is being heavily courted as well. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to assume that Watts would be taking on the role of the older female that Cate Blanchett left behind and Eisenberg the role of the younger male that once was going to Franco. If this unnamed source is on the up and up, and Eisenberg and Watts do end up making it on to Baumbach’s cast list, that would only leave the role of the younger female to be filled. So I guess I will, once again, throw out my wish that Baumbach would reteam with actress Greta Gerwig to get this cast set. The four of those actors interacting with one another on screen would definitely make for a project that I would be looking forward to. Let’s see if I can go two for two.

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