Jerry Stahl To Adapt ‘The Thin Man’ For Johnny Depp

Chances are you’ve heard of The Thin Man already. First it was one of the most famous detective novels written by one of the most famous detective novel writers, and then it was a famous big screen adaptation from the 30s, back when film noir was all the rage. The novel, written by Dashiell Hammett, introduced the world to the characters of Nick and Nora Charles, a married couple who specialize in detective work. Or at least Nick does. Nora specializes more in providing banter. The film version spawned an entire series of sequels that went on to develop the Charles’ characters beyond what Hammett wrote in his original tale.

Well now, in keeping with modern Hollywood’s modus operandi, The Thin Man is going to be remade. We wouldn’t want a possible franchise resurrection to sit on the shelf for too long. Johnny Depp will be playing the new version of Nick Charles as well as having a hand in producing the film. The first rumblings of this project becoming a possibility came last October, but now some concrete news is starting to surface. Reportedly Rob Marshall is close to agreeing to direct the film, and Jerry Stahl has agreed to write up a new script. Stahl is an author most famous for his memoirs about heroin abuse “Permanent Midnight”, but he also has a multitude of screen writing credits to his name, including episodes of a bunch of the biggest TV shows of the 80s and a little independent film you may have heard of called Bad Boys II.

With a probable director in the works, and a prominent screenwriter banging out a script, I suppose the next bit of speculation we will all start doing is figuring out who will end up playing Nora. I would like to take this opportunity to plead to anyone who will listen that they don’t cast Angelina Jolie. I’m pretty sure everybody hated The Tourist, and I’m pretty sure everybody realizes by now that Depp and Jolie have no chemistry; but I just want to make my feelings clear. I can’t stand another couple hours of watching those two try to playfully banter back and forth. What might be interesting, and what could drum up some publicity for the film, is seeing how Depp and Winona Ryder’s chemistry would hold up after all these years. Probably Nora will need to be cast younger than Ryder though, what with the whole Hollywood double standard on age. Maybe this will be the first big role for Selena Gomez?

Source: THR

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