Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye: The Rumor that Just Won’t Die

In late November, early December of last year, a rumor began circulating around the web about The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner and his potential involvement in Marvel’s The Avengers, the enormous superhero conglomerate film that will drop in the year 2012. At the time, Renner had gone out of his way to say that the rumors were not true, and that no deals were yet done.

Flash forward to this week, some many months later, and the rumor has returned. Harry Knowles has reported on AICN that he’s got a first time, inside source with a “very interesting connection” to the project who is saying that Renner is not only close to signing on for Avengers, but that the character of Hawkeye may appear in one of the Marvel movies that are currently shooting.

On one level, the casting is all too perfect. On the verge of “too good to be true” territory. On another level, simple math reveals the one constant in all of this: Joss Whedon. Whedon was recently hired to come in and direct The Avengers. But that’s not all. He was also said to be working on the scripts for both Avengers and the Joe Johnston-directed Captain America: The First Avenger. Could it be that Whedon was tasked with working in a better thru-line between Captain America and The Avengers? Could that include some Hawkeye? Sure can.

Of course, this is all very speculative at this point. Though I’m sure we’re not far off from some official announcements as production continues on both Captain America and Thor.

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