Jennifer’s Body: Megan Fox Bites, New Poster Sexes


Is Megan Fox still hot?


That might seem like a stupid question, but it’s one that is raised by the most recent photo released from Diablo Cody’s horror flick Jennifer’s Body, set for release in September 2009. Thanks to Fangoria, we now have a peek at Jennifer Check (Fox) in full-fledged demonic possession mode… and some Fox fans might be less than enthused about what they see.

Definitely hot in previously released photos, even splattered in the blood of her helpless victims, the latest picture highlights Jennifer’s demonically contorted face and blood-soaked fangs. But don’t worry: we’ve discovered that if you stand way back from your monitor, squint through one eye and use your hand to cover the bottom of her face, Megan still looks hot as a possessed chick. That raises the question, however, of whether or not Megan Fox still looks hot as serial killer Jennifer Check?

Let’s hear from all of you: Would you still let Megan near your genitals, even with those teeth, or do the bloody fangs (courtesy of makeup FX by the KNB EFX guys) turn you off? Let us know what you think of Hollywood’s hottest actress’ horrific transformation!

Jennifer’s Body also stars Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!) as Jennifer’s best friend, Needy Lesnicky, who tries to stop the possessed cheerleader and end her boy-killing rampage. Check out the restricted trailer here.

Also, thanks to our friends at Bloody Disgusting, we have a very hot new poster for the film, which can be seen by clicking the thumbnail below.


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