Jenna Fischer Gets ‘A Little Help’ with Home Wrecking

I’ve always said that I would love for Pam Beesly to come into my life and be my own personal home wrecker. The only problem is that I do not currently have a home to be wrecked, at least not yet. So I suppose that my affair with Pam will have to wait, and for now she — as in actress Jenna Fischer — will have to do all of her home wrecking cinematically.

In the upcoming indie dramedy A Little Help, Fischer will play a single mom who tries to reconnect with an old flame — who also happens to be her sister’s husband. According to Variety, the film was penned by King of Queens creator Michael J. Weithorn, who will also make his directorial debut. Fischer can currently be seen as Pam Beesly (and Charlie Chaplin/Hitler) in the fifth season of the hit show The Office.

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