Disney+ Will Mine The Endless Charm of Jeff Goldblum

Disney+ wants us to see the world through his eyes. But what is it about the eccentric actor that makes him so endlessly lovable?
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By  · Published on August 26th, 2019

While there’s a high chance of Disney taking over the world someday and rebuilding it in its own image, the company at least knows how to distract us from the dark side of uncontrollable capitalism.

At the latest D23 event, the House of Mouse spoiled us with announcements pertaining to upcoming Marvel and Star Wars releases that we’ll be able to watch on Disney+ later this year. For as little as $6.99 per month, we’ll be be treated to exclusive entertainment that’s tied to two of the most celebrated franchises in history — along with so much more.

New Marvel and Star Wars? Fine, take my money. However, to put the cherry on the cake, the streaming service will also unleash The World According to Jeff Goldblum, a 12-episode series that will feature the beloved actor covering a variety of interesting subjects that most of us probably aren’t familiar with.

Check out the trailer below (per National Geographic).

The series, which the actor describes as “a little off the beaten track,” will see Goldblum interviewing ice cream legends Ben and Jerry, visiting Goldblum-themed tattoo parlors, and trying on sneakers — among other things. It’s all about discovering the unexplored wonders of the world along with Goldblum, as opposed to him just lecturing us about them. For most of us, this is the closest we’ll get to hanging out with the wonderful man, and that’s the main appeal of the show.

In a world filled with so much darkness and despair, spending time with Goldblum as he seeks knowledge and brings joy into our homes will be a breath of fresh air. As an actor, he’s entertained us for decades. As a person, however, he’s even more wonderful — charming, eccentric, and a great human being all-around. Who doesn’t want to see the world through his eyes for a few hours?

As a project in and of itself, The World According to Jeff Goldblum is another example of the actor’s propensity for unpredictability. Few other performers could pull off something like this. Throughout his career, he’s brought an accessible air to some rather strange ideas. A docu-series about him investigating niche subjects will likely appeal to the masses just like all those hit movies and shows he’s been a part of in the past.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum also sounds like a show that will allow the actor to do what he does best — make us swoon with his charmingly eccentric personality. Not only will he go all-out to make this show the best it can be, but he’ll probably add more stories to the endless list that’s made him an internet icon.

The actor is known to be an eccentric on screen and off. For example, back in 2017, he was spotted in Sydney handing out free hot dogs from a truck and taking time to speak to fans. It wasn’t a publicity stunt, either. He was researching for a food-oriented project and decided to feed people while he was in the area.

Another entertaining story saw him on a flight with one of Edward Norton’s friends, reading books. According to Norton, she was reading The Private Lives of the Impressionists, and Goldblum offered to read it out loud for her. She accepted his offer, and, as promised, he read the book out loud down to its very last page. Afterward, her boyfriend, Evan Goldberg, had Goldblum read a poem/marriage proposal he wrote for her as well.

The list of stories goes on. In fact, a Google search of Goldblum’s weirdest moments will bring up hundreds of similar anecdotes about how his eccentricities, weirdness, and charm have made everyone he meets fall in love with him. The recurring theme throughout these tales, however, is how the actor shows a genuine interest in people.

Moments like these are why Goldblum has been a constant source of joy and entertainment for decades. It’s also why The World According to Jeff Goldblum will be one of the most feel-good pieces of entertainment we’ll see this year.

Goldblum is going to be out there, exploring the world, getting to know lots of different people, and his interest in them won’t be a facade. He’ll be a perfect documentary host in that sense. At the same time, knowing how random and unpredictable he is, we can count on this show being quite weird and original.

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