JCVD Wants to Add Some Van Dammage to ‘Bloodsport’ Remake and ‘Double Impact 2’

By  · Published on August 9th, 2012

With The Expendables 2 getting primed to body slam, roundhouse kick, and just generally mess up moviegoers next week, all sorts of interesting tidbits have hit the web from its giant cast of men you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley. Terry Crews has already sounded off about continuing his Idiocracy work, so why not turn the floor over to another action star who has tons of past roles he wants to return to as well?

Someone like, oh, the Muscles from Brussels?

Over at Next Movie, JCVD himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme, opened up about the state of two different projects that are both near and dear to his big, beefy heart. First up, Van Damme dished (does Van Damme dish? just imagine for a minute that he does) about a possible Double Impact sequel, saying, “I wrote the script with a friend of mine Sheldon [Lettich], he [co-wrote] Bloodsport and Double Impact with me…Hopefully, somebody smart enough, like an agent or a producer, can put that back together.”

And just where do Van Damme and Lettich (who also directed Double Impact) see twins Alex and Chad Wagner now? “Today, Chad would be like the guy in JCVD and Alex would be the guy like The Expendables…I came up with a great story set in Los Angeles. [Chad] is a producer, making pictures with a big house behind him. Alex is gonna go on vacation and has some problems with the Triads. Why? Because Chad went to Hong Kong and to get some loan money using [Alex’s] face, all of that bullshit. And Alex comes [to Los Angeles] to see Chad and he’s full of shit, has a girl pregnant, and she’s the sister of the big boss from South Central. It’s like Double Impact in Los Angeles.” That Chad, always up to no good.

And just why is JCVD so bent on getting back into the Double Impact game? Well, he said it plainly ‐ “I have no franchise. I lost Bloodsport, Lionheart.” Uh, burn on Universal Solider?

And speaking of those “lost” franchises, Van Damme also discussed the upcoming Bloodsport remake, currently being put together with director Phillip Noyce and screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen, confessing, “I want to be in the film as a trainer and I don’t think the writer wants to…he knows that Bloodsport is a big film so he wants to get credit with all of that ‐ you know what I’m saying?” JCVD, just burning everybody!

The big guy went on, adding, “The remake, I would love to be in it. It’s kind of painful, but maybe they’ll change their minds. That would be great because I can still kick better than anybody here today.” Yes, yes, you can.