Jay Baruchel Doesn’t Think ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ is a Sequel

MTV cameras were at the recent Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared cast reunion, and they managed to corner actor Jay Baruchel and grill him about the sequel to his Oscar nominated animated film How to Train Your Dragon.

When asked if he knew anything about the movie yet, Baruchel showed enthusiasm for the project by practically bragging to the reporter, “Yes I do. I know everything about it. I read it last week!” Oh you cocky Jay Baruchel, with your smug five o clock shadow. Someday you’ll get put in your place!

Baruchel went on to explain, “It’s phenomenal. And it’s not a sequel; it’s a chapter two. Because there are eight books, so it’s not just finding crazy situations to put our characters in. It’s very much a second act of a three act thing.”

Not a sequel? I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means. But I can get what he’s saying. He’s drawing a distinction between a pre-conceived series and a sequel that is developed to a stand alone story solely because the original made a lot of money. I’m confused by his statement that there being 8 books means that it is a three act structure though.

Did the first movie adapt more than one of the books for its story? A search of the Internet tells me that while there are differences between the book and the movie, it was only the first installment that got adapted, and not a combination of several books. So, while Baruchel hints at a possible trilogy, couldn’t we have a whole slew of How to Train Your Dragon movies coming out in the future? I thought the original was a pleasant surprise, and am happy to see more. But how many more? I’ll leave that to other people to decide.

Source: MTV

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