Jason Schwartzman Makes Beautiful Music for Judd Apatow


Judd Apatow’s Funny People has been on the radar for sometime. We’ve watched Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler get up on stage to train a bit, somehow without tomatoes being thrown at them. We’ve thrown tomatoes at people who scoff at Judd Apatow’s humor. We’ve eaten tomatoes because, you know, they’re high in Lycopene.

Alright, you got me. We’ve just been putting extra ketchup on our fries.

Speaking of which, those clever gents over at The Playlist noticed a funny thing in the recent Funny People trailer – not only is Jason Schwartzman attempting humor in it, he’ll also be bringing his sonic abilities to the table, creating the music for the film.

As a big Phantom Planet fan, I say: Yes. This is a great piece of information. Schwartzman is a strong musician, and I think his style will be a great match for the hilariously depressing tone that seems present from the film’s trailer:

I have no idea why I was laughing throughout what appears to be a very moving story, but that’s the joy of Judd Apatow. Also, you may have noticed something odd about the trailer – a small detail that you might miss the first time around – Adam Sandler is actually funny.

What do you think?

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