Jason Lee Turns Director, Finds The Beatles


It appears as if Brodie from Mallrats is all grown up. Jason Lee is taking on a new TV show to follow the end of the run for My Name is Earl on TNT, a pilot called Delta Blues that will be executive produced by George Clooney. As well, Lee is stepping into the director’s chair to direct the indie film Get Back, according to THR.

Get Back is a time travelling adventure about two music obsessives transported to the 1960s, where one of them gets into a love triangle with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It’s a premise that lends itself to the laid-back sentiments of Lee, as well as a potentially great soundtrack (although it should be noted that getting the rights to the anthology of The Beatles is no easy task).

It’s nice to see Lee branching out and getting behind the camera, as he’s long been a popular persona in front of it. I’m interested to see how he does, as we’ve seen some very good actor-to-director conversions as of late, including Office star John Krasinski’s debut Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. As well, you can never really go wrong with a movie about The Beatles, can you?

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