Jason Eisener Teases with First ‘Hobo with a Shotgun’ Footage

It hasn’t even been a week since we reported that Rutger Hauer was going to star in Jason Eisener’s Hobo with a Shotgun, a feature-length version of the extremely popular faux-Grindhouse trailer from 2007. We’ve already got some teaser footage from the Nova Scotia set. Eisener uploaded the 40-second teaser – which closes on a decidedly high note – to YouTube this afternoon, showing off a little bit of what he’s got in store for the big screen debut of everyone’s favorite gun-toting homeless person.

A few notable elements at work here – the entire aesthetic of this teaser is right out of the 70s and 80s, right up to the heavy synthesizer soundtrack. Hauer looks menacing, as do the many weapons that appear. Personally, I can’t wait to see how they are all employed in this film. To the head, I’d reckon.

Have a look at the teaser footage for yourself below. Hobo with a Shotgun is currently in production. Thanks to Christopher M. for tipping us off about this little video.

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