Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn Will Regrettably Be ‘The Insane Laws’

Hot off the heels of playing body swapping best friends with Ryan Reynolds in The Change-Up, Jason Bateman is gearing up to star in a best friends whose kids bone each other comedy with Vince Vaughn called The Insane Laws. Which I guess is some sort of play on the word in-laws. The story of the film is that Bateman and Vaughn’s characters are best friends whose lives have followed the exact path all the way up to their kids getting into and attending the same college. Sounds like a pretty ideal situation for best friends, right? Being there together, sharing everything, every step of the way. Well not once Bateman’s son gets a hold of Vaughn’s daughter and a pregnancy happens. That puts the lifelong friendship in what is sure (not sure?) to be hilarious upheaval.

I‘ve liked both Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman in a lot of things. Hearing that they’re teaming up for a comedy should be good news. But I just can’t seem to see any good in this announcement. I mean, the last time these two guys were in the same movie, the results were the abysmal Couples Retreat. Vince Vaughn hasn’t made a movie worth watching since I don’t even know when. Bateman seems to be comfortably settling in to making formula comedies with interchangeably generic names like The Change-Up and The Switch. Heck the only other time I’ve seen these guys together outside of the affront to the sensibilities that is Couples Retreat was in the also generically titled The Break-Up. I don’t even remember anything about that movie other than I didn’t like it. And Jeremy Garelick, the guy who wrote that movie, is set to both write and direct this one. At one point in my life hearing that Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn were teaming up for a comedy would have got me a little excited. Now I just kind of wince. What do you guys think? Is there enough good will left out there for these two actors to see this announcement as a positive? Or am I right in dreading sitting through The Insane Laws?

Source: Deadline Cicero

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