Jamie Campbell Bower Will Fight Demons as Jace in ‘The Mortal Instruments’

Have you been shedding tears now that casting news for The Hunger Games is starting to die down? Fear not, because the next big series of young adult novels to be adapted to the big screen The Mortal Instruments is starting to fill its cast out as well, so we should have a whole new batch of casting decisions to scrutinize soon. “The Mortal Instruments” is a series of fantasy novels written by Cassandra Clare. They focus on the lead character of Clary Fray (the already cast Lily Collins), a teenage girl who discovers that she has the ability to see a whole world of demons and demon hunters that it hidden from the view of mortal men. As she starts exploring this new world, she comes across the typical teen fantasy novel stuff; the revelation that she is a very important figure in a very powerful bloodline, a love triangle between a dangerous bad boy and a sensitive quiet type, and a bunch of battles with yucky things that go bump in the night.

The big news coming out of Mortal Instruments casting is that they’ve found their man (boy?) to play the character of Jace Wayland.

Camelot star Jamie Campbell Bower has got it all wrapped up. This is a choice that makes sense, seeing as the actor already has ties to the Camelot show, the Twilight series, as well as the Harry Potter franchise. That’s quite a fantasy film pedigree he’s bringing to the table. For those that don’t have their young adult love triangle score card at home, Jace Wayland is the dangerous, troubled, dreamboat guy that Clary gets all hung up on, not the quiet, sensitive one who can’t seem to get her to notice him. I can’t say I’m really too familiar with the actor’s work, but he seems to have long blonde hair and a devil may care grin in all of the pictures I can find of him. That’s going to be necessary when playing the cocky, bull headed, action starved, character of Jace. I wish him the best, and may he begin bedding fangirls as we speak.

Source: Deadline Alicante

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