James Franco and Kate Hudson Swear They’re ‘Good People’ in Trailer Where They Steal Dead Guy’s…

By  · Published on May 10th, 2014

James Franco and Kate Hudson Swear They’re ‘Good People’ in Trailer Where They Steal Dead Guy’s Money

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James Franco has been having a rough go of it lately. After a few months that included flirting with a 17-year-old girl over Instagram, releasing some naked selfies on the internet and playing a soccer coach who has an affair with one of his students, now it seems that Franco’s latest role has him getting in a whole new type of trouble. Can’t a man catch a break?

As the first trailer for Henrik Ruben Genz’s Good People so generously explains, Franco and his wife, Kate Hudson, aren’t having such a nice time. While they’re deeply in love, money don’t pay the bills. Their move to London to renovate a family home sees them falling further and further into debt, as someone forgot to tell them that it’s actually at least number two on the hella expensive cities of the world list. Their cruise through bummertown (population: two) continues when the tenant blasting insanely loud music downstairs turns out to be dead (then who was blasting the music? Who was blasting the music???), and dead enough to be stinking up the place. Like dead, dead.

It’s almost a silver lining when they dislodge a duffel bag full of hundreds of thousands of pounds from his ceiling, but they’ve also forgotten another important fact about homeownership in big cities and the logistics of mysteriously dead dudes: never steal a bag of money from a dead man, because the person he probably stole it from is going to come after you next. So naturally, who do you think is the next person to come knocking on their door?

It’s certainly not the Avon lady. Check out the trailer below:

While their trials are great and the danger they face more than perilous, Franco and Hudson’s situation seems almost laughable in the trailer because it’s a story that seems like it’s been told so many times before. They’re just an average bumbling couple with only pennies to their name and a bunch of bad guys on their back – cast Steve Carell and Tina Fey in their place and throw in some slapstick and it’s a comedy called Date Night. But with guns to their backs and and a sack full of money on their shoulders, their woes are supposed to be anything but funny.

Still, Hudson dramatically whispering “I had you – I didn’t need anything else” over the chaos toward the end of the trailer is a real treat. Maybe – hear me out, now – you could have mentioned that like a few weeks ago before you stole 200 grand and had to start life on the run from a madman?

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