Jake Kasdan Will Direct Jason Segel’s ‘Sex Tape’

Jason Segel

When the script for Sex Tape was first acquired by Sony in a deal that reportedly reached seven figures, there was talk that it already had three names attached. The story of a bored, suburban couple who make and then misplace a sex tape was said to be starring Jason Segel and Reese Witherspoon, and it was going to be directed by Nick Stoller. Well, various aspects of that report either didn’t work out or were never true in the first place, because people are talking about Sex Tape again, and only one of those names is still attached.

THR reports that while Jason Segel is still on board to play the male lead, a deal with Stoller was never reached, and now Jake Kasdan has signed on to be the director. Witherspoon isn’t mentioned at all in this new report, and, as a matter of fact, they go as far as to say that the female lead hasn’t yet been cast, and Cameron Diaz is thought to be a front-runner for the role.

Jason Segel has a decent amount of momentum behind him coming off of the success of The Muppets, so this has to be seen as a good opportunity for Kasdan’s career. He’s a director who’s made some solid comedies in Walk Hard and Bad Teacher, but it seems like his movies always go underrated when it’s all said and done. Hitting a home run with a movie that’s starring one of the hottest names of right now would go a long way toward showing everyone what a solid director of comedies he’s been so far.

If Diaz does prove to be the choice for the female lead, this will be a re-teaming of the trio, as they all worked together previously on Kasdan’s Bad Teacher. If that film had any glaring flaw, it was that it didn’t utilize Segel’s talents enough, so perhaps this time they’ll be working with the right material for everyone to show what they can do.

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