Jackie Earle Haley Not Freddy Krueger. Yet.

jackiehaleyWord broke a little while ago that Jackie Earle Haley, who plays Rorschach in the upcoming Watchmen film was being touted as in consideration for the role of Freddy Krueger in the Platinum Dunes reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street.

While doing press for Watchmen in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, Haley didn’t have much to say on the rumor other than “no one has called me.”  So if he is in consideration for the part, he’s not on the list of people in the know.  However, he did seem a little bit like he didn’t want to jinx it, as though if the part were offered to him he’d accept.  Though that is purely speculation on my part.

As the facts stand – Jackie Earle Haley has not been offered a role in Nightmare on Elm Street.  Stay tuned for more.  /Film reported that Brad Fuller had put the ix nay on this rumor and now we have it straight from Haley’s mouth himself.

Who do  you think would make a good Freddy Krueger?

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