Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker [NOT] In Rush Hour 4

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will be together again in a movie that is [NOT] Rush Hour 4. Reports on the internet indicate that Rush Hour 4 is [NOT] happening. Brett Ratner [MAY OR MAY NOT] be involved. Chan himself expressed [NO] interest in filming another installment of the Ratner helmed buddy cop films, which began to see deteriorating box office returns with the last installment.

The international action star told MTV that it is difficult to get two stars together for [NOT] another [RUSH HOUR] film. The new ‘odd couple’ recently spoke on the phone about re-teaming for a film [THAT IS NOT RUSH HOUR] and shook hands on making [NOT ANOTHER RUSH HOUR] movie happen. Expressing some distaste for the Hollywood system [THAT WOULD WANT ANOTHER RUSH HOUR, THIS FILM IS NOT IT] Chan talked at length about the need for “middle men” that would make sure that this new film actually gets off the ground [AND DOES NOT TURN INTO RUSH HOUR 4].

Now before things move forward on [NOT RUSH HOUR 4], the comedic action pair are searching for a writer, who can capture that funny and exciting mix that would make [SERIOUSLY ITS NOT RUSH HOUR 4] a hit similar to the success that the Rush Hour films found [BUT NOT BY BEING A SEQUEL].

During his talks, Chan indicated he was unhappy with the amount of time it took between Rush Hour sequels, in a quote that may mean that Brett Ratner may not be involved in this next film [OR RUSH HOUR 4, WHICH IS NOT HAPPENING].

Stay tuned for updates on [NOT RUSH HOUR 4]. The project is currently unwritten and untitled [BUT WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE CALLED RUSH HOUR 4].

Wait, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in a movie that isn’t a Rush Hour installment? What the hell?

Source: [NOT RUSH HOUR 4]

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