Jackass 3-D: Why Not Go D-Box as Well?


Somehow, we knew it was coming. With the ever-growing need to make everything and anything a 3D movie event, Hollywood is finally (and I use that lightly) taking things too far. According to our friends at Cinematical, a new Paramount Pictures release slate for 2010 has a listing for Jackass 3-D. Yes, you read that right – not just a clever title, but an actual 3-dimensional sequel in the Jackass franchise, a chaotic follow-up to 2006’s Jackass: Number Two.

Things have been quite on the homefront for Johnny Knoxville and his gang of goons since releasing Number Two in ’06, a movie that was made for around $12 million and grossed nearly $85 million worldwide. It seems like a no-brainer for Paramount, who is yet to comment on this story. Why wouldn’t they want to make another cheap movie that grosses big, no matter the quality? And why not do it in 3-D? My only question is why not do it in D-Box as well, the “in-theater experience” that allows for audience members to be shaken, rattled and rumbled. Why not hook electrodes to the testicles of audience members (who will be decidedly mostly male) and let them experience the torture along with the likes of Bam Margera? It feels oddly appropriate.

No matter the final outcome, the fact that another Jackass movie is in development should be enough to have more than a few of you taking a staple gun to your chest in celebration. So get to it.

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