‘Jack and Diane’ Trailer Starts Crazy-Sweet But Gets Crazy-Scary

Jack and Diane Trailer

At first glance, Jack and Diane looks like a coming-of-age movie about two young girls exploring their sexuality and trying to find their identities ‐ which would have been just fine on its own (there hasn’t been a good movie about a young girl’s erotic journey since Rochelle, Rochelle). But, towards the end of its new trailer, Jack and Diane provides a twist. You see, this isn’t just a story about two blossoming young girls who are experiencing changes in their bodies and minds because of out of whack hormone levels. Oh no. The changes these girls are going through are much too violent for that.

After a brief period of new discovery, problems with parents, close calls on skateboards, and threats of moving to new schools (you know, kid stuff), the focus of this ad turns to blood-churning, skin-ripping, and hair-sprouting. Good heavens, this isn’t just a metaphor for becoming an adult, this little indie romance is actually a horror movie! And if that isn’t enough to get you on the hook, the film also promises music by super-mellow and super-great Icelandic music-makers Múm. Young love, body horror, chill tunes…what more could a film fan ask for?

Written and directed by Bradley Rust Gray (The Exploding Girl), Jack and Diane stars Juno Temple (The Dark Knight Rises) and Riley Keough (Magic Mike) as the two young lovers, and features pop star turned actress Kylie Minogue as a sultry and mysterious figure who seems to be a bad influence.

It hits VOD on September 28th and theaters on November 2nd. [Apple]

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