It’s Time to Netflix & Chill with Aziz Ansari’s Master of None

By  · Published on November 6th, 2015

Master of None on Netflix

Aziz Ansari strikes a chord with the contemporary crowd with his epically hilarious new show Master of None (cue the same name Beach House track circa episode 3 credits). The contagiously funny man who brought you Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation reincarnates himself into Dev, a witty and charming 30 something guy trying to navigate his way through first world problems in the city that never sleeps. The dramatic and hysterical series was created by Ansari and real life friend/fellow funny writer Alan Yang (reference the Parks and Recreation connection again). Paired together the two successfully set off to create original content relevant to the times and their personal histories. The show resonates with the viewers as you feel as though you are a fly on the wall in Ansari and Yang’s or should I say Dev and Brian’s (played by the instantly likable Kelvin Yu) dilemmas infused with anecdotes (watch the opening scene of episode one and you will appreciate the meaning of this word even more).

After cautiously opening Netflix this morning, I saw the show in my recommendations and couldn’t resist. Four episodes deep and I knew there was no turning back. Ansari has you in stitches from the get go. Making quips about the modern woes of dating (think Uber & the art of texting), parenthood (people with kids vs. everyone) and touching upon the universal generational gaps we all seem to experience nowadays. Underneath the layers of comedic brilliance Ansari is able to immerse his audience into Dev’s world and force them to contemplate the real issues at hand, shuffling through the reality of racism, navigating the unknown territories of friendships, relationships and family (random fact: Ansari’s actual parents play his onscreen family in the show).

As an added element to each episode, the cast and crew unearth the truth behind our modern fixations (case & point: did I mention I was binge watching Master of None on my Macbook while simultaneously relaying lines from the show in my group chat. Oh yeah. That happened). This is a series unlike any at the moment. It boasts the same sentiment of fellow shows such as Lena Dunham’s Girls, but packs a huge comedic punch. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself incessantly laughing and pressing the rewind button to relive the hilarity that ensues in each episode. Plus you cannot help, but fall in love with Dev and his charming band of misfits. All in all, ten episodes isn’t merely enough and you will be reeling for more each time the credits roll.

In Master of None, Ansari and crew are able to tap into the disarray of modern day interactions. This series is sure to be picked up for another season with a stellar cast (shout outs to Eric Wareheim, he gets me every time), plot twists that will have your yearning for more and a phenomenal soundtrack that will become your new favorite playlist.

The outrageously funny series that hit Netflix today will be sure to lure you in and with all ten episodes up and ready for your viewing pleasure, clear your schedule and prepare yourself for a heavy weekend of Netflix and chill (no judgement). As Master of None teaches us all, life is meant to be messy.