‘It Might Get Loud’ Trailer Gets… You Know…


I’ve been coincidentally riding around town all week listening to The White Stripes debut album with the windows down and a lot of strange looks coming my way when I belt out the lyrics and drum on the steering wheel. To date, I’ve only been in three major accidents because of it, but they were all worth it.

It’s also worth it – well, well worth it – to check out this fantastic trailer for It Might Get Loud. The documentary features Jack White from The White Stripes, The Edge from U2, and Jimmy Page (and if I need to tell you what bands he’s been in, you need more help than I can offer). Oh, and all three get together and jam. Prepare to have faces melt:

It’s a genius move to have three icons that rose to fame in three very different times in Rock history come together to talk, share their lives, and build some music together. This documentary has the potential to be beautiful, brilliant, and it might just got up to 11. After getting Anvil, I’m surprised there’s another great rock doc coming down the pipe. But it looks like it’s the case so far as this trailer is concerned.

What do you think?

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