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It Is Happening Again: All the New Info on Twin Peaks Season 3

By  · Published on January 10th, 2017

This is not a drill.

At a panel that just concluded for the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Showtime announced the premiere date for the most anticipated television event of 2017, and possibly the century: the third season of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks.

Sunday, May 21st.

That night at 9pm the first two episodes will premiere on the network, then just after them episodes three and four will drop online. We’ve heard there was going to be an unusual release for this series, and it looks like this would be proof of that. There are 18 hours total, which stands with the episode order we’d previously heard. Showtime CEO David Nevins has seen the entire season and when asked about it, he would only chuckle and say it’s “the pure heroin version of David Lynch,” – which is awesome – and that it “rewards close watching.” In terms of whether this was a new beginning or a definitive ending, Nevin declared it to be the latter, calling the new Twin Peaks “a close-ended, one-time event.” For fans of the series who have lived the last quarter-century with the worst cliffhanger ever over our heads, this is very, very good news. Twin Peaks deserves closure, and it’s finally going to get it.

As for the rest of the panel, to kick it off Showtime surprised audiences with David Lynch, who was not originally scheduled to appear. He was there for the first 15 minutes only, during which time the press lobbed a volley of questions at him, the majority of which he evaded in his typically and charmingly-cryptic style. It was stated ahead of time that no plot discussions would be held – so sorry, no new footage today – but Lynch did say this about the new series: “within this mystery were many other mysteries.” We figured that, but it’s still nice to hear. He also referred to the prequel Fire Walk With Me and said the events of that film, which covers the last seven days of Laura Palmer’s life, are “very much important” to the new season. His other big and surprising revelation? He and Mark Frost collaborated on the new scripts via Skype. That’s right, David Lynch Skypes. That’s both amazing and terrifying.

Besides Lynch and Nevin, in attendance at the Twin Peaks panel were returning stars Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran), and star Kyle MacLachlan (Special Agent Dale Cooper), as well as two new cast members, Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), and Laura Dern (Wild at Heart).

For more than a year now these two latter actors have inspired a lot of speculation in regards to who they might be playing. We’ve known Forster was going to be playing a lawman, and we’ve known that Michael Ontkean, the actor who originally played Twin Peaks Sheriff Harry Truman wasn’t going to return; furthermore we’ve known that Forster was originally offered the part of Truman back in ’89 but had to pass. What we don’t know is if Forster’s going to assume the role of Harry Truman, or someone new. The answer? We still don’t know. This is Twin Peaks, remember, they want us going in as blank as possible, or as Forster said: “when David Lynch tells you ‘get on that panel and don’t tell ’em anything’ you do it.”

In terms of Dern, given her past relationship with Lynch (besides Wild at Heart she’s made Blue Velvet and Inland Empire with Lynch) and her ties to MacLachlan via Blue Velvet, speculation has been that she might be playing the real-life embodiment of Diane, Cooper’s faithful assistant who is never seen in the original series and only communicated with via Coop’s iconic microcassette recorder. Did we perhaps learn anything new about her participation? Of course not, still Twin Peaks. All she would say when asked was: “I am playing my own character.”

These vague little nothings are the same song and dance we’ve been getting for months now, but honestly, if you still need to be persuaded to watch the new season, then you probably can’t be. Just in case, though, maybe the below link can convince you.

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange

Bottom line, the mystery is starting to take shape. So here’s what you need to do: a) if you don’t have it, get Showtime, it’s the only way you can watch season 3; b) catch up on Twin Peaks season 1 & 2, both of which are streaming on Netflix, but once you get Showtime you can watch them there too, either all on their streaming platforms, or in season marathons, season 1 this Friday starting at 11am, and season 2 the following month; c) follow along with the original series using our episode guide, it’ll explain all the weirdness and get you as up to speed as fast as possible; and d) prepare to have your little, fragile mind rocked.

The clock is now ticking and the owls are waiting…

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