It Ain’t Easy Being The Fat Kid in These Exclusive Photos from Sundance Hit ‘Terri’

One of my own personal areas of expertise, beyond being a guy who writes about movies for a living, is being chubby. I’ve been pretty chubby since I was in the 4th grade and lets face it, movies generally get it right when it comes to the plight of the fat kid. He’s got it rough. So I can’t imagine not somehow connecting to Azazel Jacobs’ new film Terri, one of Sundance 2011’s breakout hits. It follows the odd bromance between a vice principle (John C. Reilly) and an overweight 15-year old (Jacob Wysocki) as they both try to navigate the horrors of high school. The film drops into theaters in limited release on July 1, and today we’ve got for you an exclusive gallery of photos.

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I’ve also included the film’s trailer below. As someone who hates seeing the fat kid get picked on, I may or may not have wept through most of the trailer. I’m not proud of it, but it happened. Our own Robert Levin said in his Sundance review that director Jacobs “ably intersperses moments of cutting, ribald humor with a deep-rooted affection for the misfits at the core of the story, all tied together by his understated willingness to let us learn from them.” So yes, he seemed to like it a great deal. Now, here’s that trailer: