Is Kevin McKidd the new Highlander?

Kevin McKiddWho wants to live forever? Highlander that’s who! A new version of Highlander is in the works according to Summit, the people who will be bringing you Twilight. I guess they have a thing for immortals.

In the original film, released in 1986, Christopher Lambert, a Frenchman, played Conner MacLeod, a Scotsman. Sean Connery, a Scotsman, played Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, a Spaniard. Both were immortal. It appears that only guys could be immortal, not women, so there were no female Highlanders. Clancy Brown played the biggest baddest Highlander of them all, Victor Krugar known as the Kurgan.

There had to be a really bad Highlander because the rest of the Highlanders really liked each other. They liked taking walks in Central Park, swapping sword fighting tips and didn’t have the heart to lop off the heads of very old friends. This was a problem because they had to kill each other. As any one who has seen the movie or the very funny 30 Second Bunny version knows, there can be only One.

Highlander spawned sequels, an animated version, a television series, more television versions and a song by Queen. All this proves that Highlander will already live forever.

The newest incarnation isn’t being called a sequel but a reinvention of the original. This time Scotsman Kevin McKidd, Rome, Trainspotting, has been approached to take on the role. I’m assuming they want him for MacCleod, unless they want another Frenchman for MacCleod and McKidd to play a Spaniard. Alright, I jest. They want McKidd to play the Highlander which is a good start. McKidd’s a good actor and he’s a Scot so that would be a nice touch.

McKidd hasn’t said he’s taking on the role, but now that his series “Journeyman” has been axed he might be in the mood to wield a sword and make some heads roll.

What do you think? If there is a new Highlander do you like the casting of Kevin McKidd? If not, who do you want to see play the immortal Scotsman?

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