Is Keanu Reeves Plastic Enough for The Wachowskis?

Plastic ManThe folks over at CHUD seem to have stumbled upon a very interesting piece of news this week involving soon to be space traveler Keanu Reeves and his good friends the Brothers Wachowski. You will remember this team, as they were all involved in those green, binary-cody Matrix movies. It appears that a scooper from the land of Weissbier and Schnitzel sent them word that Joel Silver laid down some details on the radio in Berlin about The Wachowskis long in development film Plastic Man.

The script was written by the Wachowskis long before they made even the first Matrix, and it has since been put to the side so that they could make a few hits, produce V for Vendetta, then surprisingly bomb with Speed Racer. Note that I am not saying that a 2 1/2 hour, PG-13 rated kids movie wasn’t already in trouble at the box office — its just that Speed Racer was better than its box office totals would lead you to believe.

As for Plastic Man, the scooper claims that Silver went on record to say that the film is in development and that he and Warner Brothers want the movie to have a global release at the end of 2009. To say the least, that would be a tough task, depending on how crazy the Wachowskis want to get with things. Then again, crazier things have happened. They also went on to claim that The Wachowskis were set on calling in Reeves to play Eels O’Brien (aka Plastic Man).

None of this has yet been confirmed nor denied by reps from Warner Bros., The Wachowskis, Joel Silver or Keanu Reeves. Phone calls have gone unanswered, emails are left without reply and the word is mum around the Plastic Man situation — so we have to assume that this is all true. At least for now.

What do you think about The Wachowskis possibly doing a Plastic Man flick? As well, what are your thoughts on Keanu in the lead?

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