‘Iron Man 3’ Gets a Writer That Isn’t Shane Black

Drew Pearce has an uphill battle of sorts, but the climb should be a blast. According to Deadline Sinton, Pearce has just been hired to start from page one for Iron Man 3. He’ll reportedly be working closely with director Shane Black.

That’s pretty standard, or at least it should be, but what’s interesting is that Black won’t be writing the script solo. He made his mark in the business treating the world to great writing in the Lethal Weapon franchise, in Monster Squad, and in The Long Kiss Goodnight. He even his directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

So why take the writer/director, and make him direct without writing? It’s a curious move. In a way, it’s similar to what happened on Iron Man; Jon Favreau emerged as a writer and actor and soon directed his own work. However, Favreau had already directed other writers’ scripts twice before with Elf and Zathura before getting the Iron Man gig. Black on the other has never directed another writer’s work (since he’s only directed one movie).

Marvel must see something in Pearce (who just finished a script for comic book adaptation Runaways). He’s a newcomer to film, but he’s worked fairly extensively in television. Hopefully we’ll all get to see what they see soon. Like, you know, in two years when the film comes out.