Internet Going Crazy for Really Crappy ‘Parnassus’ Picture

I get it. We in the film blogging business basically sit around all day waiting for interesting news to hit or to wait for that flack to get back to you to give you a scoop or wait for the damned pizza delivery person to get to your apartment because he’s over forty minutes late, and holy hell how long does it take to bake a double-pepperoni and toss it in a car to drive four blocks?

Speaking of pizza, there’s a new “image” of several characters from The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus floating around the internet. It originated at the website of Nicola Pecorini, the DP on the film, and quickly hit a few popular film websites, some of which threw their own water mark on the image because quasi-copyright infringement is the only thing to do besides watch the Independent Spirit Awards on a lazy Saturday.

The image is really terrible, but it’s gotten a few people all a’twitter. But I’m warning you. It’s really underwhelming – not because it’s a bad picture, but because it’s just a random assortment of very small profile images floating magically out of an older image. Enjoy:

This is what people are going crazy for? Parnassus...

So, yeah, that’s it. And that’s as big as it gets. I can’t rag too much on the picture, because I’m sure Pecorini didn’t intend it to be promotional or even get this much traction, but I can rag on all the websites going wacky over it and throwing exclamation points onto the ends of their headlines about it.

What do you think?