Inglourious Basterds: 10 Things I Liked, 5 Things I Didn’t


Editor’s Note: Warning, as with all of our ‘Ten and Five’ articles, this one does contain spoilers. Please be warned.

Inglourious Basterds has been a project talked about for almost a decade now, living only in the mind of Quentin Tarantino. Finally the film is almost here, and worth the wait. Take a minute though, and listen to a few warnings that come with this film. Just like many other QT films, this one has a lot of dialog. Fortunately though, his films are known to have some of the best dialog. So don’t expect a bunch of action, but this is QT’s most fun film to date. Also, there are a lot of Eli Roth haters…so if you hated him before, it will be tough to hate him after seeing Inglourious Basterds. Finally, one of the hottest talking points of this film has been Brad Pitt’s accent. Trust that there is a purpose for the overdone accent, and it plays like a character all by itself later in the film. What is there not to like about the prospect of a Tarantino directed World War 2 film? Well, I found a few things. But first…

10 Things I Liked

10. Cultural Profiling

You get to see some of this in the trailer, but the dialog in the film is hilarious. Brad Pitt profiles all of Germany with quips like, “why don’t you use your weiner-schnitzel licking finger” and “if you ever want to eat another sauerkraut sandwich again.” Priceless.

9. Badass Principals

Within the trailer, I’m sure you noticed a Nazi with a swastika carved into his forehead. This is actually one of my favorite ideals of the entire movie. Also, if you are going to shoot at Hitler, make sure it is done in the same way that QT would do it.

8. Subtitles

I really love the fact that QT went out and found talent from each respective country, and talent that could gracefully speak each language. Who would have ever thought, other than her German family, that Diane Kruger could be hot and speak fluent German? Some people are really annoyed by subtitles, and this might be one of those movies where you really lose notice of them.

7. Production and Costume Design

The production design and costumes on this film were incredible. The colors pop off of the screen, especially during the movie premiere. QT’s films usually have a high attention to detail and Basterds is no different.

6. The Score

If you pay close attention, the score changes very stylistically from chapter to chapter within the film. It was Spaghetti Western at a point, and harsh contemporary at other points. The score did a wonderful job at setting the right mode for each scene.

5. The Basterds

The Basterds themselves are a spectacle. It is a bit disheartening to see that they don’t have a ton of screen time. There are two amazing scenes that make you feel the Basterd’s mark on the film, but sadly there is just not enough of their ‘men on a mission’ moments.

4. Brad Pitt

To my immediate memory, Tarantino hasn’t directed an actor that carries the same clout as Brad Pitt. Warning, don’t try and debate that John Travolta, Bruce Willis or Samuel L. Jackson carry any more clout than Pitt in the film industry. Pitt is one of those actors that I have always theoretically wished to be under the direction of QT. Pitt was a bit experimental in his roles, especially early in his career with films like Fight Club, 12 Monkeys, Seven, Kalifornia, Cool World and even the Tarantino written True Romance (even though it was a very small part. I have been happy to see his experimental side coming back with Burn After Reading and now – Inglorious Basterds. One thing that I have already heard, is that his accent is too thick and even annoying. Trust in the fact that Pitt’s accent is almost like an entire separate character within the film. QT has a method to the mayhem, and this film’s mayhem is glorious.

3. Eli Roth is Badass

For those who don’t know, Eli Roth is better known as a director. He has directed films such as Cabin Fever, Hostel and Hostel 2. Roth gets a bit too much criticism from his films, and unfairly I might add. He directs his horror films with a bit of humor. Some people frown on his films and their humor, but I’m not here to talk about his directing. Stop hating, and experience all that is Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz. Roth put on quite a bit of muscle, and creates one of the more entertaining characters of the Tarantino ensemble. Donny carries a baseball bat, and kills Nazis with it. It’s quite fun to watch, and I say that in the least creepy way. Donny isn’t the only entertaining Basterd though, the trailer made it pretty clear that Brad Pitt will be one of the biggest draws of the film.

2. Tarantino is Back! Even though he was never gone…

Tarantino fans really do not need to be convinced to go see this film, but QT has received a bit of negative criticism over the past few years. There were not a lot of positive things said about Death Proof, even though I personally really enjoyed it. So for QT fans, start to get excited. The film never begs to be taken seriously, but expels its own tone of serious badass fun. Like most QT films there are some laughs, but there is also a bunch of blood and mayhem. Much of this mayhem comes from Eli Roth, known in the film as Donny Donowitz…also known as “The Bear Jew.” Like I said, time to get excited.

1. Italian Accents

Trust me, this will make sense when you see the film for yourself.

So after all of this praise, what is not to like?

5 Things I Didn’t

5. Alternate Universe

Spoilers Ahead. The film never actually tells you that it is not historically accurate, just never tells you that it is. There is no “based on” preface at the start of the film. You will find yourself forgiving these historical inaccuracies due to the fact that each detail within QT’s grasp is tight and cohesive.

4. Apathetic to Adolf

I didn’t know if it was supposed to be funny, or just supposed to be Adolf. I think it was supposed to be funny, but I didn’t laugh.

3. More Action Please

I promised I wouldn’t complain about too much dialog, so instead I will complain about not enough action. This is supposed to be World War 2 QT, give us some bloody war.

2. More Basterds Please

This also falls into the “More Action Please” category. The Basterds are awesome, and I would say they should have their own movie…but that is already kind of what is going on. When you see the movie though, you will find that the Basterds just play a part in the film, and not the film’s subject.

1. Subtitles

Did I mention that I can’t read?

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