Infographic: The Summer 2013 Movies That Owned Social Media

By  · Published on September 19th, 2013

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It’s fitting that there’s a kind of social media silo that we create around ourselves that limits our perspective (mine is movies and equestrian artwork). After all, there’s no way we could take every bit of information in without going a little crazy. Fortunately, the fine folks at Silver Pop have done it for us ‐ creating an overview of how movies large and small utilized social media this summer.

This is only going to get more pervasive, people. The question is how far we’re away from actors and actresses being cast in projects because of how large their twitter following is. I give it 3 years.

Of course, what this doesn’t tell us is the value of the Tweets and Likes. After Earth may have had close to 1.9M followers across networks, but that didn’t add up to box office success, and I’m curious to know if Man of Steel picked up any heat from people wanting to be in on the debate about mass destruction.

As a bird’s eye, though, it gives a clear picture of how important social media is to the success of a summer movie. It’s also pretty awesome that the star who tweeted the most is also the youngest. Imagine what this thing will look like in 10 years when Twitter has been replaced by something even more terrifying: an all-acronym social network. TFIB.

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