Indiana Jones 4 Needs Reshoots?

My good friend Peter over at /Film got a hot tip last night that Steven Spielberg is reshooting some scenes from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in Pasadena on Friday Febuary 29. He then went as far as to confirm with the Pasadena Film office that Genre Productions, LLC (the company used for Indy 4) will be shooting on Bradford Street.

The fact that it is only a one day shoot leads me to believe that it is nothing to raise hell over, as it could be anything from a remaining exterior shot to a clean-up job on a previously shot scene. So if I was a huge Indiana Jones fan, I wouldn’t worry. Reshoots like this are commonplace in the world of making big budget flicks these days. It would be a big deal if Spielberg and company needed an extra week, but one day is no biggie.

Then again, I’ve been hearing all kinds of crazy rumors from the production of Indiana Jones 4, so you never know. We’ll keep you posted.

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