Indian Railways Official Rewriting ‘James Bond 23’ Motorcycle Stunt

Daniel Craig and the James Bond 23 crew are hoping to film a big train stunt in India come this February, but they’ve hit a stumbling block in the form of some red tape being put in front of them by Indian Railways. You see, how the scene was originally written in the script, Bond would have been jumping a motorcycle onto the top of a moving train, scattering a group of people who were riding illegally on the train’s roof, and then jumping to another car that was equally packed with freeloaders. Indian Railways has a problem with this, because they don’t want rooftop train riding encouraged, and they don’t want India being portrayed as having a problem with rooftop train travel. When talking to Agence France-Presse, Indian Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi was pretty straightforward about the matter, “Rooftop travel is illegal in India and it cannot be encouraged.” He also argued, “There are many trains in India and not all trains have people traveling on the rooftops.”

Of course, taking the people off of the roof isn’t a big deal, and director Sam Mendes and crew have already agreed to film the scene with a clear roof instead; but might this not be the end of the problems the film will face trying to shoot in India? Shooting is scheduled to take place starting in February and lasting through March in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Goa, and they’ve already let officials change one of their scenes. Now that they’ve caved on one thing, might they find their production plagued with ridiculous requests from here on out? Trivedi’s further plans to convince the production to become a commercial for Indian Railways hint that this could be the case. Trivedi says that along with demanding the train sequence be changed, “I have proposed that the spy says something like: ‘Indian Railways is as strong as James Bond.’ It is my suggestion.” Wow, that’s some great dialogue that could very naturally be inserted right into the script without anyone noticing. Trivedi has already rewritten one scene of this high profile spy movie, let’s pray that he doesn’t get to rewrite another. [Hindustan Times via Cinema Blend]

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