Inception Trailer #2: Behold, The Power of Ideas

Warner Bros. has released the second trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming thriller Inception, which was attached to Sherlock Holmes in theaters this past holiday weekend. Early reactions were hard to gauge, as it didn’t seem like anyone really knew what was happening. The trailer begins with a Leonardo DiCaprio voice-over talking about the parasitic nature of ideas, and follows with some scattered clips of cities folding in half, Ellen Page walking quickly away and Joseph Gordon-Levitt trying to escape in a cab. That’s about all I picked up.

Here’s the rub. With a film such as this – one that will be shrouded until the very last minute – the key for an trailer cutter is to make the film seem exciting, even if the entire plot isn’t explained. Their goal is to get us yearning for more, wondering what all of this is about, and leaving us ready for the next trailer. This Inception trailer accomplishes just that. Mr. Nolan, you have our attention.

Inception is in theaters on July 16, 2010. The trailer is below, courtesy of Apple.