Speed Racer Goes IMAX

According to our friends over at First Showing the Wachowski Brothers latest science fiction project Speed Racer has just been added to the growing list of summer blockbuster films to be shown on IMAX screens across the country this summer. In classic Wachowski fashion, all of their films have been in IMAX theaters including the graphic novel based V for Vendetta.

From first looks at the trailer, this film seems be designed for the IMAX screen. The thought of the Mach 5 racing from screen to screen will surly give me a sore neck, but the experience should be well worth it.
On top of all that, the filmmaking brothers who already have been on the forefront of revolutionary visual effects are planning on taking this film to the next level; they’re incorporating a new form of cinematography. Apparently they will be using a new form of “layering” in which they’ll put the foreground and the background of the scenes in a broader focus to give the film a real-life anime appearance.

The film is based on a popular Japanese animated series from the 1960’s. Actor Emile Hirsch who is known for portraying the lead role in the film The Girl Next Door is in the staring role as Speed along with Christina Ricci, portraying his girlfriend Trixie and Matthew Fox as the mysterious Racer X.

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