If a Watchmen Sequel Happens, This Is How It Should Go…

By  · Published on February 11th, 2010

Editor’s Note: For the 3 or 4 of you who have not seen or read Watchmen, this article contains spoilers.

Will there actually ever be a Watchmen sequel? Recent reports state there’s traction within Warner Brothers and DC to create a prequel and/or sequel to the beloved graphic novel and film. This is baffling news since Watchmen (the graphic novel and to a lesser extent the film adaptation) wraps up pretty perfectly on it’s own. Even if us fanboys somehow wanted more Watchmen, there’s a real lack of characters to work with for a sequel: Rorschach, clearly the best character, is killed off at the end while Dr. Manhattan, arguably the second best character, was unwisely turned into a villain in the eyes of earthlings for the film. If that wasn’t enough the film only grossed 185 million world wide with a 130 million budget. Factoring all of that in makes the prospects of a sequel seem pretty unlikely. But since the execs at Warner Bros and DC are looking for some ideas I thought I’d pitch a few to try and further my writing career.

Flubber meets Moon… as several Dr. Manhattans experiment with creating life at the edge of the universe. When one wacky experiment produces an annoying anthropomorphic glob that escapes captivity, the Dr. Manhattans are forced to deal with the hilarious consequences…and maybe make a new friend along the way. Plus lots of blue penis shots.

The Incredibles meets Revolutionary Road as Dan ‘Nite Owl II’ Drieberg and Laurie ‘Silk Spectre II’ Juspeczyk, long settled down in the suburbs, attempt to spice up their dull lives through extra marital experimentation. This could also work as a Little Children sequel/crossover. Just need to figure out how to bring Rorschach back to life as a pedophile…

Marley and Me meets Sophie’s Choice… as Ozymandias creates a new genetically alter purple lynx named Bubastis II to help him get over the massive act of genocide he committed.

All the Presidents Men meets I Love Trouble… as hardened New Frontiersman editor Hector Godfrey and his bumbling sidekick Seymour team up using Rorschach’s journal to expose Ozymandias’ successful plan to kill 30 million innocent New Yorkers. Along the way Seymour comes of age and in doing so helps Godfrey find the son he never had due to his unhealthy obsession with right wing print journalism.

What Watchmen sequel ideas would you pitch to Warner Brothers/DC?

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