I Want to Believe in New X-Files Pictures

While some of us were thrown off-kilter from the recent announcement of the new title for the upoming X-Files movie, we can all get a bit excited about some new pictures released from the film.

These images, courtesy of Filmz.ru, whet our appetite for the film but unforatunately don’t reveal much about the story. Yes, we’ve got FBI agents in winter coats, Mulder and Scully almost kissing and another with Scully looking wide-eyed into a dark room, but haven’t we seen all this before.

What this means to me is that we’ll get more of made us watch The X-Files in the first place. Let’s just hope they don’t cop out on the good stuff in the final cut. I’m not demanding that Mulder and Scully do the deed, but at least don’t have Scully fake-out Mulder with her own potential death like she did in the first feature.

For a gander at the images, see below. Or click on the pictures for hi-res versions.

Source: Films.ru

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