I Love You, Man: 10 Things I Liked, 5 I Didn’t


While I’m not man enough to confess my love to another male, I can talk about I Love You, Man while still feeling secure in my sexuality.  The Rudd-Segel buddy pic did alright over the weekend, coming second to the surprisingly alright Knowing.  While I could do a 10 and 5 for the Nic Cage vehicle (I liked it) it would basically be me loving the Earth dying and all the religious allegory.

For I Love You, Man, there were a few more things that stuck out to me – and here they are. Warning: This article may contain mild spoilers.

10 Things I Liked

10. Paul Rudd. Rudd is the perfect non-threatening boyfriend type character.  That said, he’s quickly becoming overexposed.  He makes the “Liked” list this time.

9. Realistic Relationship. The relationship between Peter and Zooey was pretty realistic and they seemed like real people.

8. JK Simmons. He should probably have a small part in every movie.

7. Dude Lingo. Most of the time, they way they talked was entertaining and, unfortunately, relatable.

6. Andy Samberg. If only Hot Rod didn’t suck.  Samberg is awesome and under-used in this, but his few moments are great.

5. Rashida Jones. Beautiful girl and her character is down to Earth.

4. Projectile Vomit. It really exists!  Funniest scene in the movie.

3. Thomas Lennon. Yeah, so basically I really liked the cast.

2. Lou Ferrigno. How awesome is having The Hulk in your movie playing himself?  His parts were great, especially when he choked out Segel.

1. Zooey is an Awesome Girlfriend. My favorite part of the movie is that, for once, the girlfriend character was awesome.  She wasn’t having any sort of crisis, she wasn’t a slut, she wasn’t insane.  She was just the perfect girlfriend.  It was nice to see that kind of an understanding character.

5 Things I Didn’t Like

5. Lack of Samberg. Simply put, needs more Samberg.

4. Joe Lo Truglio. His character was annoying (but supposed to be) and his talent was wasted.

3. Predictable. Of course we know what’s going to happen, but at no point in the movie did I ever think for even a moment that things wouldn’t end exactly as they did.  Zooey and Peter were like the perfect couple – their breakup was not believable in the slightest.

2.  Repetitive. The ‘sweet sweet hangin’ section of the movie was tired and repetitive and a bit too long.

1.  Same Cast. I’ve been bitching about this for a long time and will keep bitching about it – I’m tired of seeing the same corral of actors in every movie.  There are dozens of talented, working comedic actors, but it seems like all we get are the same few over and over.  I love Paul Rudd, but come on, I’ve had enough.  Jason Segel is funny and all, but I’ve had enough.  Give me more Seann William Scott or Steve Carrell or, hell, bring back Pauly Shore.  Just give me something different.

There you have it.  I thought I Love You, Man was a pretty sweet, relaxed buddy flick.  Nothing too deep, a couple of good laughs, though it got a little repetitive.  I really, really liked Rashida Jones and her character.

What did you like and/or hate about I Love You, Man?  Do you love me, man?

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