‘I Declare War’ Trailer: It’s Not Hopscotch, Man

I Declare War

Never tell a determined child that their games aren’t serious. We’ve clearly been underestimating the combat strategy abilities of schoolchildren for years now.

For an intrepid pack of 12 year-olds, I Declare War is what happens when the lines of imagination and reality blur, turning a routine children’s game into bloody warfare. The Fantastic Fest Audience Award winner from Drafthouse Films has released its second trailer and fantastic, Platoon-inspired official poster in preparation for its August release.

In the film, a group of friends head to their local woods for a high stakes game of Capture the Flag, which they further transform through their imaginations into an actual war with live ammunition and deadly combat. The stick guns and rocks they once used as pretend “weapons?” Now they’re submachine guns and grenades fired and thrown from high-tech towers and base camps.

The deaths are real and the days are dark as the kids test the limits of their friendships – and maybe even childhood itself. At least, that is, until dinnertime. It’s everything you hoped playtime could have been like as a child, and the film clearly takes glee in showing a traditional war story from a kid’s perspective. They’re planning a pizza party for later and they’re not quite clear on what military time exactly is, but they’re out for blood and will stop at nothing to win this afterschool battle. To be young again.

“It brought me back to my childhood,” explained our own Michael Treveloni when he named it to our Best of Fantastic Fest 2012 list. “The intercutting of real-life and imagination coupled with the hardships of being a kid made it a perfect film for me. The acting was fantastic which for a film relying on an all child / teen actors is a hard feat to accomplish.”

Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson directed the flick, while Siam Yu, Gage Munroe, Michael Friend, Aidan Gouveia, Mackenzie Munro, Alex Cardillo, Dyson Fyke and Spencer Howes star as the band of merry warriors. Watch your back around them.

Check out the trailer via Screen Invasion:

I Declare War Poster

I Declare War opens in theaters August 30th.

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