How Many People Will Batman Kill With His New Tank?

By  · Published on September 12th, 2014

Warner Bros./Clay Enos

The very first thing you notice when you look at the new Batmobile from Batman vs Superman is that it looks fantastically aggressive. It’s a beast. Local police forces looking to oppress their citizens are drooling on unfiled paperwork right now.

The second thing you notice about this progressively armored urban assault vehicle is the twin guns where the hood ornament should be. But if Batman doesn’t kill people, what’s the point of it? Flashbangs? Rubber bullets? Will the older, gruffer Batfleck replace Intimidation Mode with live rounds?

Obviously, Zack Snyder hasn’t shied away from having Superman snap necks, so maybe the dark knight has finally relented on his one rule after a half century of fighting the same dumb battles.

Then again, maybe Batman simply doesn’t understand what death is. R.I.P Doctor Fishy.

(Sidenote for Snyder: please don’t have Batman kill anyone. Thanks.)


iPhone photography is great but some things deserve more. #batmobile (Nikon D800 ISO 500 24mm f/11 1/25th sec)

— Clay Enos (@ClayEnos) September 11, 2014

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