‘House of Versace’ Trailer: It’s Donatella’s Time to Shine on Lifetime, Dahlings

trailer house of versace

Buckle up, dahlings. Lifetime’s latest revered celebrity to get the Original Movie treatment is Donatella Versace in all her tanned, diamond-encrusted glory. House of Versace has given us the gift of Gina Gershon doing her impeccable slur as she portrays Donatella in the years after Gianni Versace’s (Enrico Colantoni) murder, as she attempts to rebuild the fashion house into its former glory.

The reason it’s in shambles is because Donatella is the fabulous trainwreck we’ve all come to know and admire; drug addiction and her general craziness cause her to almost bankrupt the company, so she takes a little trip to rehab to strengthen back up before running the fashion house again (I imagine it’s like that wealthy women’s prison Lucille was stuck in during the last season of Arrested Development). Fortunately, it looks like most of her behavior wasn’t dependent on drugs, because we’re treated to sequences like where she tells preppy women on the street to buy Versace clothing because “your hussssbands will be happy.”

Lifetime has been rolling out these celebrity-themed Original Movies one after the other, undoubtedly after the success of the beautiful nightmare that was Liz & Dick. The network has to understand that people didn’t tune in because they wanted to see a Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor, right? Hint: it was to see Lindsay Lohan tank, and tank she did, and it became an instant classic. Then there was Anna Nicole, you guessed it, the chilling biopic about Anna Nicole Smith.

My biggest hope for House of Versace is that it has such blessedly wonderful moments featured in Anna Nicole, like when she snorts coke off the dashboard of her moving covertible while its top is down. Add another celebrity movie to Lifetime’s usual lineup of murder porn and concerned mothers (who are always, right you know – people should listen to them), and they’ve dug out a new niche for themselves.

Check out the trailer here:

Gershon’s Donatella is obviously spot-on, but doesn’t a little part of you just wish Maya Rudolph got to do her SNL impression for the entire movie? Also of note: They wrangled Raquel Welch into this as Donatella’s aunt Lucia, if you caught her twirling in the background.

Catch House of Versace on Saturday, October 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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