‘Hotel Transylvania’ Trailer Features the Perfect Utilization of Adam Sandler’s Talents

Seeing as he’s largely built his entire career on doing stupid voices, it’s kind of strange that Adam Sandler hasn’t done more voice work. It seems like working in animation would work well with his approach to acting, which basically consists of showing up on set wearing shorts and a hoodie, and then looking into the camera and yelling something like “gobbledy-goo!” Give the man something more appealing to work with than 8 Crazy Nights, and animated movies could be the perfect way to utilize his talents. It’s probably too early to go jumping to conclusions, but the new trailer for Hotel Transylvania shows some indication that this might be that material.

The big thing that Hotel Transylvania has going for it is that it was directed by the great Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars), and if this new ad is any indication, that’s going to translate into a lot of impressive visuals and attention to detail. The Gothic scenery here is certainly more pleasant to look at than the wall-to-wall product placement that we get in most Sandler movies, so that’s going to put this head and shoulders above something like Just Go With It right out of the gate. And somehow, hearing Sandler do a goofy Dracula voice alongside animated visuals is so much easier to digest than hearing him do a goofy lady voice while dressed in drag was in Jack & Jill.

Perhaps like how Wes Anderson’s foray into animation, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, felt refreshing to a lot of people who were growing tired of his style, this film will be a way for Sandler to continue to sell his persona to a consumer base that seems to be increasingly hostile toward what he has to offer. Often his humor is criticized as being childish, so why not turn that to your advantage by making things for kids? Everybody wins!

Hotel Transylvania opens on September 21.

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