Hopefully This Movie About The Room Doesn’t Tear James Franco and Seth Rogen Apart, Lisa



Hollywood’s funniest best friends, James Franco and Seth Rogen, are set to reunite on screen now that their pseudo-documentary of 2003’s The Room is being picked up by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros, according to THR. The project is an adaptation of the nonfiction tell-all “The Disaster Artist”, which details the behind the scenes weirdness and making of The Room. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, the movie is now a cult phenomenon simply for the fact that it’s so gloriously bad and perplexing. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad viewing experience. What’s so great about it is that it still makes for a hilarious and odd watch that deserves to be seen just for kicks.

Wiseau’s delicious disaster starred Wiseau himself as Johnny, Greg Sestero as Mark, and Juliette Danielle as Lisa and revolved around a melodramatic love triangle between the three friends. The movie was a critical and box office dud but was so humorously nonsensical it picked up steam on the midnight theater circuit and has since become a massive cult flick. “The Disaster Artist”, Sestero’s account of the production was written in 2013 by Sestero himself and Tom Bissell and in February of 2014, Seth Rogen’s Point Grey Pictures bagged the rights to the book. Franco will direct and also star as Wiseau, younger brother Dave Franco will play Sestero, and Rogen will have an undisclosed role.

For those familiar with Wiseau, The Room, and all the ridiculousness and myth behind the man and movie, this project should have you brimming with anticipation. Franco has a knack for getting a little weird himself which could work wonders in playing a man who nearly embodies the meaning of the word. The Interview star and Rogen have also made some comedy knock outs together and their chemistry is great to watch. For the unfamiliar, The Room is a movie worth checking out just for the laughs and head-scratches, just as much as Wiseau is a man to read about for the same effect.