Holy Crap: The ‘Ink’ Trailer Will Melt Your Face Off


I don’t usually get blindsided by trailers – we get our fair share of publicity emails, but nothing that blows me away – but every once in a while we get something that looks truly incredible.

Check it out for yourself (in HD!):

Based solely on the trailer, it looks like Dario Argento hit up a double feature of Dark City followed by Pan’s Labyrinth and decided to make his own fairy tale. The story focuses on the kidnapping of a young girl by a mythical dark being and the group fighting to find her and bring her back. There looks to be a ton of sci-fi elements mixed in with fantasy and a touch of glass-breaking, fist-fighting action sequences.

Ink, directed by Jamin Winans, has its world premiere tomorrow evening at the Santa Barbara Film Festival (yeah, there are other festivals going on besides the Dance), and who knows – the acting might be flat or the story might be overdrawn, but judging from the trailer, I want to see more.

What do you think? Am I right to be floored?

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