Hilary Swank Has a Soft Spot for Thin French Women

Hilary SwankIn her attempt to monopolize any film that has a statement as a title, like Boys Don’t Cry, Hilary Swank and producing partner Molly Smith have acquired the film rights to French Women Don’t Get Fat.

The two-time Academy Award winning Swank is considering starring in the adaptation of the best-selling book, which is being “envisioned as a romantic comedy about the manager of a champagne company who learns some tough life lessons,” according to Variety.

The book, authored by Mireille Guiliano, was first published in 2004 and offers advice on such hot topics as how French women can eat calorie-heavy treats like pastries or wine and still manage to stay thin. Too bad Christopher Nolan skipped out this one, as it surely would have killed in IMAX format. Sigh.

The adaptation will be written by Heather Hach, who wrote the remake of Freaky Friday and the Legally Blonde musical.

Is Hilary Swank the best actress of the past decade? Would you want to see a sequel starring Jack Black called Dutch Dudes Don’t Diet? Me neither.