‘High Noon’ Rides Again

Cinematical is reporting that the 1952 classic High Noon is next up on the remake block. The original is a classic and was (and is) well received by critics and movie goers alike. The story follows retiring Marshall Will Kane, played by Gary Cooper, who refuses to stand down in the face of a group of dangerous adversaries. Seems a bad man by the name of Frank Miller is coming back to town with a score to settle with the good Marshall, and he’s got his gang waiting for him. A man of conscience, Kane refuses to flee town and decides to stand for justice while the town cowers behind him and refuses to fight at his side.

This is a gripping piece of work, but enough time has passed for a remake. The reason why it’s probably up for this is also it’s biggest downfall at the moment – 3:10 to Yuma. Are we ready for another western based on time? While the movies are very different, the average cinema goer might not take that chance. Either way, if done right with a good cast, I’m always on board with a Western hitting the big screens. No further news on when or who, but to bide your time maybe you should check out the original and the 2000 made for TV remake.

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