Here’s The Trailer for Ridiculous 6, Adam Sandler’s Probably Racist Netflix Movie


What would be the greater crime that Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous 6 could commit?

1. It could be offensive.

The production of Sandler’s first movie in his big Netflix deal was marred by several Native American actors, including the film’s Native American cultural consultant, walking off the set in protest. “It’s really about American Indians being good to my character and about their family and just being good people,” explained Sandler in response to the controversy. “There’s no mocking of American Indians at all in the movie. It’s a pro-Indian movie. So hopefully when people see it – whoever was offended on set and walked out, I hope they realize that, and that’s it. It was kinda taken out of context.”

Ok, so it might be a little racist. Or at the very least, offense to “American Indians,” though I believe they prefer the term “Native Americans.”

2. It could be completely stupid.

Based on the first trailer, which we’ve included below, there’s a high probability that it’s going to be dumb. And having recently watched Sandler’s Pixels with a number of intelligent people in the room, I’m convinced that while we millennials love to be outraged over social injustice, the one thing we will tolerate even less is complete stupidity. It is an affront to our collective, carefully curated and hand-crafted tastes.

There’s nothing in this Ridiculous 6 trailer that’s going to change anyone’s mind about Sandler, his movie or the worthiness of the truckloads of cash that are unloaded at his feet to make movies. There’s a reason why Sony handed his Happy Madison team $88 million to make Pixels. The return on investment was $237 million worldwide at the box office. Netflix, which recently celebrated the fact that it’s prestige pic Beasts of No Nation has been viewed by 3 million people already, is looking to attract and lasso Sandler’s built-in audience. They are betting that even though Ridiculous 6 might be offensive (or offensively bad), people will still watch it.

The strategy isn’t a bad one. I’ll probably watch it. I want to know how this ridiculously loaded cast ended up in this movie. I’m also curious as to why Vanilla Ice is there. And if I remember correctly from Chris Campbell’s review of Grown Ups 2, Taylor Lautner has comedic chops. Though in this trailer he appears to be doing a meta version of Ben Stiller as Tugg Speedman as Simple Jack:


Did he learn nothing from Tropic Thunder?

Wait a minute. This is getting offensive again. Perhaps we should take a break from getting ourselves worked up about a movie that hasn’t been released yet and simply watch the trailer:

Ridiculous 6 debuts on Netflix on December 11.


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