Herbert West Goes To The Head Of The Class In New 'Re-Animator' TV Series


This idea is long overdue.

Take a classic horror film, one known for it’s orgies of gore, graphic violence, and decapitated heads performing oral sex… Re-Animator say, and turn it into a TV series where all three of those things will have to be eliminated!  Oh, and recast Herbert West and friends as college freshmen to help draw in the “Gossip Girl” and “Privileged” crowd!  FangoriaOnline has received three promo pics from the show as well as the official synopsis… and it looks and sounds awesome!

If this news has you excited in any way, and I don’t only mean sexually (Fure),herbertwesttv12 then get ready for a case of blue balls…the show is being produced for syndication and has yet to be picked up by any stations.  And judging by some of the zingers in the synopsis that might not be a bad thing.

What BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER was for Gothic storytelling, HERBERT WEST: RE-ANIMATOR will be for sci-fi and horror.  He’s a teenage Dr. Frankenstein in a modern-day younger world, filled with sometimes terrifying scientific intrigue… Herbert West, a dark and mysterious young man, arrives on campus, instantly shining as a brilliant young student and the object of many of his female schoolmates’ desires.”

It goes on to describe West as “charismatic, sexy and dangerous” which is just slightly at odds with the West (Jeffrey Combs) we all know and love.  To make sure the connection to Buffy is unmistakable, “the group of friends discovers that their campus is also becoming an increasing hot spot for scientific and sometimes horrific phenomenon. It’s as if the place is becoming a portal for the unknown.”

This might work if it ended up on HBO of Showtime, but it won’t.  Personally, I’d watch it if they promised there’d be amputated hands fingering comely co-eds, but for some reason I just don’t see that happening… so I’ll just have to wait for producer Brian Yuzna to get moving on his rumored 3D remake of the original.

Thanks to ShockTillYouDrop for the head’s up.

What do you think about Miskatonic 90210?  (Yes, I did basically steal that from STYD.)

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