Helena Bonham Carter, Dwight Yoakam, and Barry Pepper May Ride With ‘The Lone Ranger’

For a while, the only thing we really knew about Disney’s upcoming The Lone Ranger is that Johnny Depp would be starring, curiously enough, as Tonto. Then, as the project began to take shape, we learned that he would be re-teaming with his Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango director Gore Verbinski, who came on to helm things. Then the third big piece of the puzzle came into place when The Social Network’s Übermensch Armie Hammer signed on to play The Lone Ranger himself. And now that the big names are in place, it has come time to begin filling out the rest of the cast.

To that end, Verbinski is in talks with a trio of actors to take on a trio of roles. Firstly, he is pursuing Helena Bonham Carter to play the madam of a brothel. If you were to tell me to name whoever first pops into my head when you say, “Hollywood actress who could play the madam of a brothel”, chances are that Carter is what I would have come up with, so I have no complaints there. Secondly, Verbinski is going after Dwight Yoakam to play Butch Cavendish, the brutal leader of a gang who find themselves at odds with the Ranger. Yoakam has been a welcome addition to any cast for me ever since I first saw him act in Sling Blade, so that sounds like a pretty good choice to me. Finally, he’s also looking at Barry Pepper to take on the role of a military officer. Seeing as Pepper was recently maybe the best part of the Coen brothers’ awesome True Grit, putting him in another western themed movie seems like a good move to me. Hey… waitaminute! I don’t have any complaints about this movie at all! What gives?

Source: Heat Vision

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