Heath Ledger Asks If We Dream in ‘Parnassus’ Clip

by Scott the Intern


Last night, living icon Terry Gilliam gave an excited crowd at Comic-Con a first look at his latest film The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. I can’t imagine what it was like inside the hall with that huge crowd marveling at what a truly gifted filmmaker can do, but the clips are now online for your enjoyment.

There are obviously some Spoilers.

The first clip is a flashback as Dr. Parnassus (Christopher Plummer) explains to his daughter about the day when he met the devil. The story doesn’t get very far in the clip, but the imagery is just absolutely gorgeous:

The second clip is what we’ve always wanted – Heath Ledger to convince us to experience his traveling theater troupe. I have to say, he does pretty well as a carnival barker even from behind the mask:

I’ve never had any doubts that this movie would be anything less than stunning, and with these clips we’re finally getting a glimpse into a fantastically breath-taking world. Terry Gilliam has always been a storyteller with fascinating creativity, and it’s all out on the table with this one. It looks like a fitting tribute, especially considering that Gilliam changed the credit “A Terry Gilliam Film” to “A film from Heath Ledger and friends.”

Damn, I cannot wait for this thing. It seems like the entire world will get to see it November. Why does the U.S. have to wait until Christmas?

At least it’s a good present, huh?

What do you think?

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