Has Kristen Stewart Flown the Coop on Nick Cassavetes’ ‘Cali’?

By  · Published on August 9th, 2012

A report out of GossipCop (I know, I’m sorry) reveals that Kristen Stewart is apparently dropping out of her starring role in Nick Cassavetes’ Cali. Stewart’s role would have been as Mya, one half of a Southern California couple (with Alex Pettyer set to play her boyfriend) who sell a fake snuff film in order to make some quick cash and ditch out of town, only to be pulled back in by some baddies a year later. The outlet also reveals that Amber Heard has been asked to come on for the role, but there is no word on whether or not she will accept.

While the “cops” over at the outlet couldn’t get an official comment from anyone involved (including Stewart’s reps, Heard’s rep, and production company Voltage Productions), they did reveal that Voltage told them that “an announcement would be made soon.” Stewart is also an executive producer on the project, so this doesn’t seem like a case of her cutting bait on a project she didn’t like anymore.

Variety has also confirmed the news that Stewart is out. [GossipCop, via Gawker]